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Retro Toy Slinky Dog Patent Art Print

Retro Toy Slinky Dog Patent Art Print

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Our Patent Art Print Collection is a customer favourite.  This Retro Toy Slinky Dog Patent Art Print is available as a print on it's own or framed with matting in one of our top ten best selling frame moldings.

All of the art we print at Art East is giclee (really good!) quality.  We print on acid free archival papers with archival ink that has been tested to last 200 - 400 years. 

  • Giclee quality acid free archival print
  • Created in house.  No stock sitting on shelves here.  When you place your order our process begins with printing your artwork and cutting and building your chosen materials.  It finishes with your art print expertly assembled into a framed showpiece that's ready to hang.  Each stage of the process is completed in our shop by our awesome team of employees.
  • Frame molding width varies from 0.75" to 2"  depending on which option you choose. You can read each moldings specific details HERE.
  • Matting is acid free archival with a width of 2"
  • If you have your print framed it will increase the size of your finished piece.  Framing is on top of the print size you choose.  The average outside dimensions including framing for each of our print sizes are:
    • Small: Print: 8" x 12" Framed: 15" x 19"
    • Medium: Print: 11" x 17" Framed: 18" x  24"
    • Large: Print: 14" x 21.5" Framed: 21" x 28.5"
    • Extra Large: Print: 18" x 27.75" Framed: 25" x 34.75"
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